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Leneta Test Procedure (See ASTM D 4062)


  1. The Leneta Leveling Test Blade, LTB-2
  2. Drawdown Levelness Standards, LS-2
  3. Leveling Test Drawdown Plate, DP-2
  4. Drawdown Charts Form WB, for light colored paints Form 7B for dark colored paints
  5. Catch-Papers, Form CP-2
  6. Pre-shear equipment, Page 36

Preparation of Coating

  1. Stir thoroughly and adjust to 23°C (73°F).
  2. Strain and adjust viscosity if necessary.
  3. Pre-shear in accordance with one of the methods described on Leneta Products Used in ASTM Standards and test immediately thereafter.

Application of Coating

  1. Position a Catch-Paper on the drawdown plate.
  2. Place a chart on the drawdown plate against the left guide.
  3. Place the test blade at the top of the chart with its long arm against the left guide and toward the operator.
  4. Place 8-10 mL of pre-sheared coating in front of the blade and drawdown rapidly at a uniform rate of approximately 60 cm (2 ft) per second.
  5. Allow to dry in a horizontal position at 23°C (73°F).

Rating the Drawdown

  1. After drying, cut out a 3 x 5 inch (75 x 125 mm) section, with striations parallel to the long edge.
  2. Compare with Leneta Levelness Standards under suitable oblique light.
  3. The number of the matching standard is the Leneta Drawdown Leveling Value. Rate perfect leveling as 10 and less than 1 as 0.

E. Practical Significance of Numerical Values. This is based on subjective evaluations. The following table represents the collective judgment of an experienced laboratory group:

Drawdown Value Brushout Leveling
Very Poor
Very Poor
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