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Leneta – The Industry Standard

Since 1956, The Leneta name has been synonymous with high-quality test charts for the paint and coatings industry. As we’ve continued to evolve with the industry we serve, we’ve developed a unique combination of Quality, Selection and Service that’s kept us the Standard in our field.


Leneta charts are characterized by their imperviousness, wettability, adhesion, surface levelness and uniformity. They are produced from high quality, non-fluorescent paper, free of optical brighteners that may affect color measurements. The printing process and application of our proprietary clear UV topcoat is carefully monitored by Leneta personnel to ensure maximum uniformity. The same uncompromising commitment to quality is brought to every product we offer.


Leneta produces the broadest line of test charts in the industry, along with an important selection of test equipment. From sealed paper substrates like opacity and spreading rate charts, to glass, wood and metal panels to sag test blades, you’ll find a unique selection of products to meet the needs of the paint and coatings industry.


As the paint industry’s oldest and foremost supplier of paint test charts, we have the knowledge and experience to help our customers select the most appropriate chart for their test applications. Worldwide representatives ensure prompt, reliable delivery.