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Trade Sales Applicators ("U"-Shape)

Each of these instruments has a 6 mil and an 8 mil gap clearance, laying down wet film thicknesses of approximately 3 and 4 mils, respectively. These are the thicknesses most often recommended for the testing of solventborne and waterborne architectural coatings, hence their characterization by Leneta as “Trade Sales” applicators. The film widths of 4 and 6 inches take advantage of the most popular Leneta test chart widths of 5-1/2 and 7-5/8 inches. Their “U”-shape structure retains a substantial volume of test coating to assure completeness of drawdowns.

    Product ImagesFormFilm widthGap clearancesWet film thicknessSpreading rateSelect
    Form AT-684, Trade Sales Applicators ("U"-Shape)
    AT-6844 in6 mil, 8 mil3 mil 4 mil400 ft²/gal, 535 ft²/gal
    Form AT-686, Trade Sales Applicators ("U"-Shape)
    AT-6866 in6 mil, 8 mil3 mil, 4 mil400 ft²/gal 535 ft²/gal