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Printing Ink Drawdown Sheets

Available in seven different grades of paper, these sheets provide a variety of substrates for testing ink qualities. They are also useful for testing other coatings because of their range in absorbency and texture.

Indicated weights, densities and calipers are nominal and/or approximate.

Sheet size: 5 x 7-5/8 in (127 x 194 mm)
Ink: Jet black. Non-bleeding

    Product ImagesFormPaper typeShadeCaliperBasis weightGrammageSelect
    Form 3NT-11 Vellum Opaque Printing Ink Drawdown Sheet
    3NT-11Vellum OpaqueWhite4.1 mils60 lb88 g/m²
    Form 3NT-21 Translucent Bond Printing Ink Drawdown Sheet
    3NT-21Translucent BondNeutral White3.0 mils38 lb62 g/m²
    Form 3NT-31 Gloss Finish Coated Book Printing Ink Drawdown Sheet
    3NT-31Gloss Finish Coated BookNeutral White3.9 mils73 lb118 g/m²
    Form 3NT-35 Matte Finish Coated Book Printing Ink Drawdown Sheet
    3NT-35Matte Finish Coated BookNeutral White5.0 mils73 lb118 g/m²
    Form 3NT-41 Regular Bond Printing Ink Drawdown Sheet
    3NT-41Regular BondNeutral White4.0 mils22 lb91 g/m²
    Form 3NT-51 Unbleached Kraft Printing Ink Drawdown Sheet
    3NT-51Unbleached KraftBrown7.2 mils72 lb117 g/m²
    Form 3NT-9 Box Laminate Printing Ink Drawdown Sheet
    3NT-9Box LaminateMottled White10.0 mils125 lb203 g/m²